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8/19/09 6:31:18PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - by Steven Marrocco -

According to a new rule passed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission Wednesday, referees in Nevada now have the opportunity to get a second look at a fight’s end to determine its legality.

The final wording as passed: “A referee at the conclusion of a contest or exhibition stopped immediately due to an injury to an unarmed combatant pursuant to NAC 467.718 and after making a decision, may view a replay if available in order to determine whether the injury in question was caused a legal blow or a foul.”

The rule addresses several controversial stoppages in recent history where a fighter lost a contest because the referee couldn’t see an injury that forced a bout’s stoppage.

A referee may now use instant replay to determine whether the action that caused the injury was legal or a foul and make a decision on the fight’s result. Only a referee can decide whether to order a replay.

In one of the most prominent examples of the need to address injury stoppages, UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson was unintentionally poked in the eye by Kevin Burns at UFC Fight Night 14 last July and was denied an appeal to his TKO loss due to the commission’s “lack of remedy” on the incident.

After a discussion on the issues surrounding the new rule, the five-member commission passed it by unanimous vote. NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer told the rule could take effect in as early as 30 days.
8/19/09 8:24:11PM
This could open up a HUGE can of how does it work, they pause the fight (allowing for a much needed rest) to view a replay, does it only get viewed after the completion of a bout....does it destroy a refs integrity and authority? I don't know if this is going to work out.

Oh and I would read more into it, but the link doesn't work.
8/19/09 8:37:29PM
It should work in 2 situations.

if a bout is stopped by an illegal shot, odds are the bout is stopped because the fighter cant continue, case in point it wouldnt matter what the ruling was in something like anthony johnson vs kevin burns, the fight is over regardless because aj couldnt go on. or for example a cut, a cut is a cut and the fight is going to be stopped regardless so was it done legally or illegally, so it should have no bearing on the actual fight just the result whether its a nc dq or a victory

second is in a fight like florian vs cope or hughes vs gsp 1. a buzzer beater, did the tap come after the bell, or before the bell. even something like carano or cyborg, did the bell go n can she continue.

it shouldnt be used for stoppages.
8/19/09 8:39:18PM
Haha, I called this and guarenteed it would happen even after being critisized.
8/19/09 8:45:41PM
This is long overdue in my opinion.
8/19/09 10:30:52PM
I think this is good given how I read into it.

That is, instant replay is only used in the event where the fight was stopped due to a possible illegal blow. As long as the fight is not allowed to continue after the replay, I am cool with this.
8/19/09 11:27:42PM

Posted by EvenFlow

Haha, I called this and guarenteed it would happen even after being critisized.

haha me to
8/20/09 12:53:01AM
I think its great, there was a fight on the very last UFC 101 that this could have been used in. The Lennox vs Villefort was declared a TKO victory because of a cut that was opened up from a headbutt. Also the Anthony Johnson vs Kevin Burns is another fight that instant replay would have stopped it from being a huge mistake on the refs part.
8/20/09 10:46:02AM
Fixed the link in the OP.
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