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2/3/07 12:50:49PM
anyone up in the nelson b.c canada area that wants to join a camp come on in its a open door.
we are looking for wagers on the upcoming pride fights.
2/5/07 5:05:37PM
we got silva and rua anyone think they will loss will give good odds
2/7/07 3:47:05PM
we got another new member in our camp. who will be looking for wagers. i got no cahs left to wager on the up coming pride but nitemare still ahs some and our new fighter mabus will belooking for some so send some his way thanks from nelson top team.
2/9/07 3:05:07PM
we have moved up to the welterweights looking to move the the top of the weightclass. so we got two new guys looking for wagers. try and take there money.
3/6/07 6:39:27PM
we got up to 6 guys here from nelson b.c any other ones out there. come join the nelson top team. for anyon eles try to take some of our cash as you can see i like to give it away.
3/16/07 5:42:01PM
up to 7 guys now not long befor we make a push and move up. anyone eles on here from nelson
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