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3/1/07 10:45:39PM
SANTA ANA, California (March 1, 2007) - Very surprised about derogatory remarks made about him by UFC president Dana White, New Era Fighting superstar and MMA living legend Kimo Leopoldo has responded by issuing a challenge to White as well as any of his UFC fighters.

3/1/07 10:53:04PM
thats preety disrespectfull of him to say the least, love to see White vs Kimo hahaha.
3/1/07 11:27:25PM
What Dana said was true though, there are a ton of guys that can easily beat Kimo.

I laugh at this one million dollar fight. This organization is going bankrupted!
3/2/07 1:13:50PM
Can't believe Kort said there aren't 5 guys in UFC that can beat Kimo. Ken Shamrock owned him for gods sake. This is a massive troll job, doubt we ever see that million dollar fight. I would bet on GSP vs. Kimo.
3/4/07 8:17:27PM
well then danas fight list is rackin up cuz he is scheduled to fight tito ortiz in a boxing match (i believe) on march 24th in the UFC training center where they film the ultimate fighter
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