i think the ufc needs to add another weight class!!

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8/2/09 7:22:01PM
The problem with a 195 class is, at some point down the line, Anderson will move up, or Lyoto will drop down, and either one will dominate that division aswell. It would make for some good matches between the smaller 205ers and the bigger 185ers, but I just dont think it would work.

Im all for a cruiserweight division though. 205-235. Then 235-260.

The fact its possible for a fight to happen where 1 guy can outweigh the other by 55 pounds on the day of the weight ins just isnt right.
8/2/09 9:11:00PM
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8/3/09 12:57:51AM
What in the **** is with all the talk about new weight classes lately. Horrible idea. That cuts so many guys out of each weight class. Think about it it will just split everyone up even more, and less and less guys will be able to fight eachother. to new weight classses.
8/5/09 2:10:58PM
they do need to add a 145 division. bring all the WEC guys over, that alone would give the UFC what another 6-7 PPVs a year EASY. brown / fabor could headline a PPV easly. it would be a great marketing idea but would prob kill WEC if it happened.
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