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1/26/10 2:07:21PM
So I'm going to Las Vegas on Feb 18 and staying till the 22 so I'm gonna be there while a UFC show is going on. Does anyone know any good places to watch a UFC show on TV in Vegas
1/26/10 2:30:42PM
Depends on what type of atmosphere you like. I enjoyed watching them at a sports book place in the casino. Mandalay Bay was nice
1/26/10 2:36:56PM
Red Rock Resort Spa & Casino

I'm assuming it can't be a bad place to watch.
1/26/10 6:11:20PM
Basically any Casino's sports book or just do a quick google search of -Las Vegas - Bars - UFC- or -UFC viewing Party-

there are basically to many places to list to include em all, but they are everywhere.
1/26/10 6:42:17PM
I have seen a UFC fight card at the 4040 Club. They have a huge TV lounge area. It was really fun but it was very expensive. Depending on how YOU like to do vegas but the 4040 Club was fun. Lots of people, big Tv, good vibes, good food and drinks. Good looking waitresses also.

I would recommend getting there early. It got really crowded when I was there.
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