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3/6/08 8:04:42PM

No word on whether off campus barfights or spawing numerous children out of wedlock is available during superstar mode.
3/7/08 1:11:29AM
Hey, the barfighting and power breeding could be the very things that make him fall all the way to # 22
3/7/08 11:31:06AM
would be a nice pick up for the broncos at 12
3/7/08 12:52:44PM
The burning question: Will this spare him the Madden Curse, or is this a precursor of dark days ahead?
3/7/08 6:09:01PM
Eli Manning is getting the Madden Curse this year. McFadden is a great running back until he gets hit. I actually think that the Jets will trade up and take him #1. It sounds crazy but it might just happen.
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