3x NCAA Champing Makes MMA Debut Friday

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9/16/09 4:40:23PM
"It would be ideal for 26 year-old Todd Meneely if the wrestling mats at his school were surrounded by a fence. But it’s one or the other: cage or the mat.

And for now, the cage is winning out.

When the University of Nebraska, Omaha, student steps into the cage for the first time in his life Friday at Adrenaline IV, he will be the most decorated wrestler on the card, and he won’t make a cent to fight. "

9/17/09 10:01:08AM
Too bad there isn't a 147lbs class. His previous titles were at 149. It also doesn't mention how Meneely couldn't cut it at Iowa so he ran away to UNO to beat up on d-2 competition. Poor effort by MMAWeekly. I am looking forward to seeing how well he can do at MMA. I just don't like how he ran away from D-1 wrestling when things got tough. Getting punched will only make it worse.
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