NBC publishes inaugural "UFC Power Rankings"

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2/19/07 5:09:01PM

Posted by Greene33

Posted by OB_Juan

Posted by madmarck

I like Koschecks placing. He is could definitly destroy fitch.

If by "destroy" you mean lay on long enpough to possibly eek out a decision, then maybe. I don't see any WW on the planet destroying Fitch anytime in the near future. Not even GSP.

Great point, makes up for the re-watch TUF for Rashad's ranking...

Fitch is underated and he would kill Kos and give Diego fits. He is getting put on the backburner right now because Kos and Diego are more popular so they are first in line. Mark my words, fitch will be # 2 in the WW division before August...

Fitch is the more underrated fighter in the UFC today. The problem is he won't fight Koscheck because they train together at AKA. His best hope would be a matchup against Karo.
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