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10/3/12 1:01:10PM
Picked it up yesterday, I like the new additions including All-Star weekend events and the 92 Dream Team. What I don't like (or at least haven't mastered) is the right stick dribble controls

There's also a Celeb team you can play with. It has Bieber, Pauly D and Vinnie from Jersey Shore, Bow Wow and some others. Pauly D lights it up

Jay Z produced the soundtrack and had a hand in the overall feel of the game

Anyone else pick it up yet?
10/3/12 1:11:21PM
Haven't had a chance to play it yet. But it looks badass
10/3/12 4:54:49PM
It is a game I will purchase in the near future. I normally will buy the sports game once the season starts and I am in the mood. I will play this in a mix with Madden and UFC. I am looking forward to this years NBA 2K tho, I enjoyed the career mode from the past year.