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POLL: Who?
Spurs 28% (5)
Lakers 72% (13)
12/22/09 9:29:47PM
It really comes down to these two teams who literally dominated the decade taking 8 of the last 11 NBA finals since 98-99 together, both took 4 titles, 2 of the 3 they didn't win, the Lakers were still the challengers against the Celtics & pistons. The only other one was Dallas against Miami. So it's clear only these 2 teams can win this. What does the playground think is the NBA team of the decade?

I don't know who to pick honestly. I'd guess I'd go with the Lakers because the Spurs were constantly good the whole decade, but the Lakers slid off the elite rader for a split second but rebounded without Shaq. I mean had easy finals, but a tough one or 2 too. I dont know how to separate them, I mean Kobe did it without shaq, but the spurs did it without David Robinson too. I just dont know.
12/22/09 9:42:42PM
Lakers. They will win it again this year. Spurs don't have a chance. That's the tie breaker for me.

Not to mention the Spurs are damn lucky they slid by the Suns in '07. If the refs had been at least a little bit fair the Spurs would have never advanced to the finals. That was the worst robbing I've ever seen in my entire life. The NBA is corrupt

(and I used to be a HUGE NBA fan. HUGE)
12/23/09 12:01:10AM
Lucky??? Really??? I remember some BS shot with .04 secs left on the clock now that's luck if not spurs win the series any way the Spurs have been there every year even when the lakers had shaq and when shaq was gone and the lakers were rebuilding what do ya know the spurs were still winning I'm not a spurs fan or a lakers fan but IMO its been the spurs just for the fact that after shaq left they fell apart

Oh yeah I forgot the spurs never lost in the finals
12/23/09 2:15:49AM
Gonna go with the Spurs due to their extreme success in a small market.
12/23/09 2:45:56AM
Im also gonna have to go with the spurs.

im from texas but im definately not a spurs fan (Rockets fan)

although the Lakers were still a good team the spurs were/are very fundamentally sound an i like that
12/23/09 5:20:52AM
I don't watch a TON of basketball, but I do watch playoffs enough to know that even though Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobilli are beasts, Lakers should take this!
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