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5/20/08 9:49:55PM
Click me, sticky buns.

Wow. Was hoping that the Knicks would get higher than #6. Surprised that the Bulls snagged the top pick.
5/20/08 11:14:38PM
Knicks might select Danilo Gallinari as D'Antoni played with his Dad over in Italy and he is the type of player D'Antoni likes.
5/21/08 12:29:19AM
I like the lakers, the knicks and the kings. Im upset the kings got 12 and suprised the bulls got 1 i thought the heat deserved the pick the only won 15 games this season

5/21/08 1:01:19AM
I was hoping the Heat wouldn't get Top 2 with how obvious it was that they were tanking this season.
5/21/08 6:38:14AM
i know it would nvr happen but i want the knicks to get derrick rose they need a true PG
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