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7/5/10 1:23:50AM
I was scouring through Sherdog when I found featherweight fighter, Nazareno Malegarie Undefeated 18 wins 0 losses. So is this a fighter who is just facing amateurs with no skill. Or do we have a fighter that needs to be signed and may be the next top featherweight in the world? Give me your opinions.

Also, here is a video of one of his fights!
7/5/10 3:09:12AM
Just based on the video alone I wouldn't say he's any kind of a phenom or anything. Although he does look like he's solid. Obviously it's hard to say that based on only a couple minutes of footage, but I didn't see anything that really, really stood out. As opposed to someone like Jose Aldo whom you can see with only 30 seconds of footage is a truly incredibly skilled dude.

For a second there I thought he was going to tap the dude with the straight ankle lock. Haven't seen somebody tap to one of those outside of a gym in a long time, lol.
7/5/10 1:58:31PM
IMO when I see a guy with a record like that, who isn't alreay in a good organization I think two things...either he isn't too serious about the sport and treats it like a hobby, or he is young and wants lots of practice before he jumps into the big leagues (in which case he forgot about amateur fights). Now this guy has a twist because he is fighting in Brazil and I don't have any clue what their amatuer circuit is like. Either way at this point I would be willing to give him a shot to see what he's got, with a record like that if I see any dumb crap then I would cut him quick.
7/5/10 3:31:36PM
Speaking strictly record wise,the opposistion he has faced is rather weak.
Most the guys records looking something like " 0-2,1-2" etc.
Got to hand it to him though for being that consistant.
7/10/10 9:24:40PM
Based on limited footage/info on them man, I think he needs to be tested! I hate to elvaluate a figher on such limited knowledge. So I will wait to say anything about him until i see him in a "competitive" fight aginst a proven fighter. That said, 18 -0 is a very solid record to have!