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1/21/08 6:46:17PM
Anyone been to Nationwide Arena ever? I'm lookin for tickets to UFC 82. So i'm tryin to see if even the upper deck seats are a farely good view. So just tell me if they are pretty good seats. Thanks.
1/21/08 8:15:41PM
No but if you have ever been to a fight even lower shows high seats can be good
Like lower high not like row 16 of 16
plus I just got tix For Kenflo vs J-Lau
1/21/08 8:20:41PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

No but if you have ever been to a fight even lower shows high seats can be good
Like lower high not like row 16 of 16
plus I just got tix For Kenflo vs J-Lau

Thanks for the info man and that event looks freakin awesome that your goin to
1/21/08 8:41:38PM
I am going to the Columbus show and probably just getting upper deck seats as well... from what I have hear... if your not right up front the view is about the same no matter where else you are...and we will probably be watching the big screen alot to see whats going on.... atleast that way we are only paying 95 bucks to watch a big screen live...instead of getting lower level (not floor) seats for 500 bucks and still watching the screen mostly
1/21/08 11:30:44PM
I went to 68 I was in the upper deck if the fight goes to the ground forget it you have to watch the screen. You can watch the stand up and see everyting until they clinch. So the view is not the best but the screens are cool and the atmosphere is awesome. There is a huge bar beside Nationwide that gets the fight It was packed and was a good time after the fights it's called the Frog Bear and wild boar bar. I think me and the boys are going to make the drive and watch the fight at that bar instead of getting tickets.
1/22/08 12:23:11AM
I also, was at UFC 68. I didn't sit in the upper deck, but if the guy above me did and said you can't see too well, get the seats I did, The $300 ones. They are more expensive, but you'll be glad you got them once your watching the fights. Totally worth it. It's the section right above the ground level section, and the view was sweet. Didn't have to look at the screen, I could see the Beautiful arm triagle from Kampmann perfectly.

So I'd go with the closest ones you can get to the cage, preferably the $300 ones if you can afford it.
It's worth it anyways though. It's a beautiful arena, and the electricity and atmosphere there was unbelieveable! Although, it WAS the Couture/Sylvia fight, haha.

But naw, it's a nice place to watch a fight
1/22/08 5:30:44AM
I've been to Nationwide arena.I think it was TOOL I saw their and I had seats high up.I wouldn't worry if I was you.If anything,Sitting too low can cause,I would think,the cage to obstruct your vision.Maybe you'll be able to look down into the cage a little bit more than someone sitting level.
1/22/08 7:25:01AM
I went to 68 as well and like most people are saying if you are not in one of the first couple rows with the $400 seats then any seat can have an obstructed view. I have went with the $200 seats to both events I have seen live and both times there were times I had to resort to watching the big screens. Regardless though you have to attend a live event for the unbelievable excitement that you get from being there.

For 82 our seats are 16 rows back on the incline and I am hoping maybe we will be able to see more than I did at 77 in Cincy being 4 rows back. I liked the 4 rows back seats because the fighters walked right by us when leaving the cage but during the fight I could rarely see anything on the ground.
1/22/08 10:00:47AM
Just another vote for taking the upper deck. I had floor seats for UFC 68, but about 15 rows back and I ended up with my neck craned upwards for almost the whole fight to watch from the screens.
1/22/08 3:27:28PM
I went UFC 68 and had seats roughly in the middle and they were pretty good. Of course as said before, when the fight is standing you can see fine but when it goes to the ground we had to watch the big screen.
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