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8/2/13 8:19:41AM
It takes a small army of security personnel to usher Jose Aldo into the van that awaits the UFC's featherweight titleholder. Along the way, he answers as many reporters' questions as possible, smiles for camera click after camera click and signs a few dozen autographs.

Thursday's swirl of activity follows a three-hour engagement in which Aldo participated in a news conference, put on a public workout session that featured a soundtrack by a live rock band and then waded through a sea of fans and reporters to answer even more questions as microphones, cameras and recorders were shoved in his face.

It was time for Aldo to retreat to his hotel, but his removal from the scene was anything but easy...

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8/2/13 9:35:10AM
How things change. A couple years ago at the Boston UFC event I saw Aldo in the crowd, not down on the floor he was about halfway up the rows off the floor. Every once in a while someone would stop and ask for a pic or a autograph but for the most part he just sat there not being bothered. I was going to go over but had been at the expo for 2 days and was burned out on asking fighters for pics. I'm pissed I didn't take a minute to get a pic from the champ now but what can you do?!?! Faber walked out on the floor and the crowd went crazy and all I'm thinking is the guy who beat his ass isn't even getting recognized much!! LOL!!!
8/2/13 11:59:34AM
How fast we forget about the Rock. The TRUE people's champ.

Aldo needs to take a stroll down slow your role boulevard.