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8/18/08 1:05:40AM
This might be old news, but I hadn't really heard much about Nate's injury.

Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight Nate Quarry, who secured a place in the highlight reel of 2008 by chasing Kalib Starnes across the Octagon, is recovering from a freak accident a little over a month ago.

Quarry was at a party in Albany, Oregon, where guests were hitting golf balls into a wooded area. Quarry walked straight into the backswing of a young woman, sending the club directly into his left eye. The force of the blow broke Quarry's Orbital Floor, a bone that keeps the eye in place. Doctors estimate the original cast member of “The Ultimate Fighter” will not be able to compete until November or December at the earliest. Despite the bad turn of luck, Quarry has been a good sport about the whole incident.

“I’m just glad it was me and not some kid or other woman,” Quarry says. “We had grown men swinging these clubs. If it would have hit a kid or a woman, it would have smashed their face.”

Quarry says the injury has stalled a search for a new opponent. A rumored UFC card in Portland is in the window of his recovery period, but he is not aware of any proposed match-ups.

“It would be great to fight in Portland,” he says. “First, I have to heal up from this though.”

8/18/08 1:16:03AM
It was new to me
8/18/08 1:58:01AM
^^me too and he's one of my favorites to be honest I was a little scared reading this, at first I'm thinking oh no something with his back but this is something much less severe so this is good.
8/18/08 2:08:55AM
Interesting accident. Did not know. Would like to see Quarry against CB Dollaway.
8/18/08 2:15:20AM
I guess if you can be thankful about anything here, it's that the eye injury shouldn't effect his ability to train. He won't be able to take head shots when he's sparring, but I would imagine that he is able to continue working out otherwise.

Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery.
8/18/08 2:31:54AM
He gets my playground props upop props for the way he took it. He deflected it off himself, saying it was better it hit him than a woman or kid. I started off not liking the guy. He seemed robotic and from what I saw of his personality I did not like him. But he's a tough SOB and pretty standup guy.
8/18/08 2:55:43AM
that can't feel good. worse than a line drive i bet.
8/18/08 10:56:06AM
First time ive heard that,he has some really bad luck.
I seen that exact thing happening to someone before with a driver but it hit him in the forehead not the eye.
8/18/08 1:30:20PM
wow, he has terrible luck but he seems to handle it all very well.
8/18/08 1:41:58PM
Wow did not know about this at all, what some luck to get hit with a golf club. I hope he gets better, and quick cause nate is one of my favorite fighters, so I wanna see him in action again.
8/18/08 1:49:55PM
Hope he'll make a speedy recovery, he's one of my favs.
8/18/08 4:38:52PM
Thats sucks, and had to have hurt like a SOB
8/18/08 4:42:28PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

Interesting accident. Did not know. Would like to see Quarry against CB Dollaway.

Quarry would destroy Dollaway.
8/18/08 4:44:22PM
Man, that's really got to suck. I was looking forward to seeing him again soon. He's a really tough fighter with great standup. Hope he gets well soon.
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