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11/7/07 7:51:45PM
UFC middleweight contender Nate Marquardt (25-7-2 MMA, 4-1 UFC), who currently has one fighting remaining on his UFC contract, is working on a new deal that would open the door for his return at UFC 81 in February.


...they just said he could be leaving
11/7/07 9:00:41PM
Good news though! The MW division needs him. Hopefully they'll set him up against Côté. That would be a match I would like to see.
11/7/07 9:39:12PM
Nice pick, I'd like to see more of Nate. I have to agree that Yushin's popularity (and pay) would be higher in K-1 as it fits his fighting style more.
11/8/07 1:24:32AM
Glad to see Nate back. Against Anyone but Silva, he looks tough as hell. I'd like to see him agaisnt A Jason MacDonald, or a Terry Martin, Or Alan Belcher...

BTW, for the love of all things holy, GET MARTIN KAMPMANN BACK IN THERE! He's gotta be healthy by now, and I think he might be the best bet to challenge silva out of people not named Dan Henderson right now at MW
11/8/07 10:01:12AM
Maybe Franklin vs. Marquardt?

I'd love to see this fight. Both have recently lost to Silva, but I'd still like to see it. Maybe it'll be on the card when Silva next defends his belt.
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