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5/12/08 8:43:33AM
Hello UFC fight fans! Well, I just finished up training in the fifth week out from the fight with Thales Leites.

In case you don't know the history, I was scheduled to fight Thales two times before. The first time, he couldn't make it into the U.S. due to visa trouble. The second time, he broke his hand (I fought Jeremy Horn instead). Now, we are scheduled to fight in London, England on June 7.

I started my training this time about three months out from the fight. We reviewed the tapes and worked on specific strategies to beat Thales. Now I am in the thick of the training. I am in Albuquerque for about two weeks then I will go back to my hometown, Denver, to finish out my training.

It's great when everybody has fights around the same time. First Keith Jardine will fight Wanderlei Silva on May 24 and my buddy from Denver, Shane Carwin, will fight in a heavyweight under card matchup on that same show. Then Joey Villasenor fights Phil Baroni on May 31 on CBS and on June 1 Donald Cerrone will fight on WEC against Richard Crunkilton. Lastly, Rashad and I will fight on the June 7 card.

This makes it easy since everyone is training hard now and everyone is starting to peak. Sparring has been intense and I’ve had to pull back a little, as to not over train and to let a few minor injuries heal up.

I can't wait for this next fight! The UFC fans just got a glimpse of the real Nate Marquardt when I fought Horn. I really feel I am back to my old self, like when I used to fight in Pancrase (except twice as good, strong, and fast). Thales is a great fighter with a world-class ground game and I will definitely be going for the KO.

5/15/08 10:13:34PM
ya but did you see how old Horn looked
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