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7/6/07 9:04:15AM
Nathan Marquardt has many accomplishments to his credit. He has a 25-6-2 professional record. He won three fights in one night to win the fourth Bas Rutten Invitational MMA Tournament in Denver. He was the first ever middleweight King of Pancrase. He is the only seven-time King of Pancrase in the history of the promotion. He is 4-0 in the UFC.

7/6/07 9:16:58AM
Nate is gonna surprise the world when he beats Silva.
7/6/07 3:47:48PM
This will be an interesting match. Silva is a weapon from any angle. If he misses a right cross, he comes back with an elbow; if he turns his back, he throws rising reverse elbows; you get to close, he knees you; you fall on the ground, he submits you. He really does use every part of his body to break his opponent down.

However, Marquardt is excellent at disarming weapons and his opponents specialties. He has done it time and again, more recently with Dean Lister. If Marquardt can come with that same game, Silva doesn't stand a chance. But, if Marquardt gets too greedy and makes a mistake, you can bet silva will capitalize on it and finish him.

Again, waaaaay too close to call. It depends on the game each fighter brings and who screws up first.
7/6/07 3:58:49PM
It doesnt matter how good he is Anderson will dominate him and knock him out.Anderson is the best striker in the game period
7/6/07 5:11:46PM
7/6/07 5:45:28PM
i got silva winning this one, but it won't be an easy fight for him..
7/6/07 8:40:43PM
On the UFC 73 Countdown Nate and other people were commenting on how good his striking is and how he has heavy hands, and if he makes the mistake of trying to prove how good his striking is instead of going to the ground guaranteed he will get knocked out.
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