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4/25/13 8:29:38PM
Warning: Explicit Language

When one of the Diaz brothers talks, it's hard not to listen. Nate appeared on BJPENN.COM Radio, for an interview following his loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7. He had a lot to talk about.

On Josh Thomson:

"I've never fought someone who wanted out of a fight so bad. I went in there and I expected a fight. I expected him to grab me, hold me, throw some kicks and move, some punches and move but that mother fucker was straight running and I had to chase his ass down. I was chasing him that whole fight. I was the aggressor. I felt I was reckless. I went in there. How can you not be against a guy who's running scared shitless for his life? I went in there, I'm chasing him around. I'm overaggressive trying to get a hold of him and that's why I got hit with some shit because I was overaggressive. I'm trying to meet the criteria to win these rounds."


"He got lucky, he jumped in there, he threw his punches and they stopped the fight.... I would like a rematch. He knows he's scared shitless. He won't ever talk about no rematch. The UFC won't either. I know and he knows he won't ever talk about a rematch. You can go and ask him that one. I don't think it was anything he did. It was more my bad than his ups."

For more watch the interview after the jump.

4/25/13 9:48:06PM
Josh wasn't running, he was being elusive, choosing when to engage against an opponent who is known for walking people down with punches, and picking his shots. We have seen running, his name was Kaleb Starnes.
4/25/13 10:17:08PM
Wow, what a shocker, one of the Diaz brothers handles a loss in a less than graceful manner! Why can't he just say that he had a good game plan and he walked right into it and got caught? It happens. No need to try and take all the wind out of Thomson's sails. Thomson won the fight fair and square. Get over it.
4/25/13 11:48:50PM
poor diaz, the fight wasnt going the way he wanted and then he got finished. sounds like his mom needs to put him down for a nap
4/26/13 5:49:38AM
LOL I love watching the Diaz's lose and when Nate was finished I was laughing my ass off. He'll get demo'd in a rematch and I wouldn't mind seeing that again.
4/26/13 8:19:06AM
Damn I was just about to post this, always too slow.

What it looked like to me is that Nate wanted nothing to do with head kicks. Didn't want to use them, admit they exist, or defend against them. Those two big head kicks were what really changed the fight.
4/26/13 11:05:04AM
I didn't think they should stop the fight.........Yeah my corner threw in the towel.
4/26/13 2:19:32PM
It was obvious what Thompson was doing withing 30 seconds of the fight. I'm sure everyone saw the same thing.

I blame Nate and his corner for not adjusting the gameplan before round 2 when it was obvious what Thompson's strategy was. Hell, Nick should've had some advice after having to chase down Condit and losing.
4/27/13 3:35:27AM

^^ This is really all that needs to be said about this.
5/1/13 5:34:59AM
The problem with the Diaz brothers is that if they are not allowed to bully their opponents they become predictable and one dimensional, Nick has always been like that, I am surprised Nate has followed suit with his I am a poor sport, outbursts. The thing is there are a few fighters who have evolved past them and they will now been seen as gatekeepers unless they can change tactics which is highly unlikely