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7/8/09 2:35:18AM
I'm still pulling for Guillard, the guy has a ton of potential. He seems ot have matured since the last time we had seen him in the octagon. I agree tiabu got the better of him and should have got the decision, but that's why they say never leave it in the hands of the judges. Melvin has improved by leaps and bounds on the ground since his last figt in the octagon. Tiabu has some nice submissions and he wasn't able to hold Guillard down long enought to lock any of them in. I don't know whose bjj is better nates or tiabu, but I do know nate is nowhere near as strong as tiabu and will have even more trouble getting Guillard down or keeping him down for that matter. As long as Guillard continues trainging his takedown and sweeps defence, as well as his submission defence, I believe he has a pretty fair chance in this fight. He will be quicker, stronger and have better striking then nate and he has some nasty power in his hands, so it could be a quick night for diaz. (also if i read it right someone was saying Pelligrinos striking was comparable to Guillards and if that is what they were saying then they are friggin crazy, Kurt has no power and sloppy strikes, nowhere near Melvins, but if I read that wrong then my bad ) I know many people don't care for Guillard because of his attitude and his suspension for drug use(cocain I believe), but the kid was what in his early 20's and had been on tv and was offered a contract into the Pinacle MMA organization. I am sure it was just an absolute whirl wind and his head was spinning from 0 to 90 in a flash and just got caught up in everything and slipped up in his own quick rise to fame. I believe everyone is worth giving a second chance and it's up to you to make the most of the oppertunities that you are given and it seems he is trying to make the most out of it with his improvment on the ground and the total change in his attitude. War Guillard!!!!!

Also, I believe Maynard should be the main eventer, but Huerta's long layoff probably haulted them from being the main event on the card. War Maynard aswell
7/8/09 3:48:46AM
For everyone thinking Maynard/Huerta should be the main event.

Huerta is on the final fight of a contract that as far as I know will be his last UFC fight for a long long time or ever.

He's lucky to be a Co-Main-Event at this point.

For business purposes there's no way you make that a Main Event. Even Arlovski hit the undercard on his last fight of his deal.
7/8/09 1:51:34PM
of all the main events at the first event I'm attending this year. I'm think I may not even go now due to this being such a poor main event. Guillard doesn't belong in the UFC and this is almost a give me fight for Diaz. Then top that off with the fact both guys act in a way that puts the sport in a bad light.

I would much rather Maynard vs Huerta be the main event.
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