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8/15/12 6:07:51PM
I was amazed when I saw this...Nate and Gilbert fight LW, Nelson heavyweight, and Nick WW - looks like Nate is the heavyweight strange seeing people off fighting weight
8/15/12 6:20:31PM
Is it the one by the pool? There's no image showing up for me. If so, I thought Nate looked fuckin HUGE in that picture. He makes his brother look very small.
8/15/12 6:23:25PM

This one?
8/15/12 7:05:15PM
Roy Nelson at HW is a real waste of talent
8/15/12 7:08:57PM
i have always wanted to see him diet down to at least LHW if not MW. this is a weird picture, i am guessing its got to be the camera angle that makes roy look so small and everybody else look big.
8/15/12 7:45:48PM
Damn, nate looks like he is walking around at about 200 lbs right there. Roy looks like he could fight as low as mw, if he went on a diet.
8/15/12 7:58:45PM
Roy is a solid fighter but I can't say if dropping weight class would hurt or help him.
8/15/12 9:37:04PM
Ben's belt (I mean Frankie's) is going to look real BOSS around Nate's waist
8/15/12 9:56:52PM
I feel if nate could make that weight and be athletically toned (fighting shape) he'd be a force.
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