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POLL: Who would win?
Nate Diaz 65% (20)
Chris Horodecki 35% (11)
6/24/07 9:03:31PM
Who would win in this battle of very young fighters?
6/24/07 9:11:32PM
i think nate would walk right through horodecki.....theres a reason nate was on TUF and chris fights for IFL he cant keep up with nate on the ground there not in the same universe at that level
6/24/07 9:37:15PM
Nate by armbar from the bottom. But people thinking Nate would win a ONLY stand-up war would be in for a rude awakening.
I think Nate would close the distance, try to go for a takedown but end up on his back but from there submit chris with an armbar or a triangle.
6/26/07 5:29:57PM
Nate is a much more complete fighter and would dominate hordecki on tha ground
6/26/07 5:38:58PM
lucky punch is tthe IFL's wonderboys only chance but he is only 19 and has a huge huge future in MMA and hopefully in the UFC
6/28/07 5:04:58PM
nate would lose no doubt he almost went to a desicion with emerson

horedecki is years ahead of emerson plus nate cant take anyone down for his life
7/18/07 4:26:06PM
Horodecki doesn't display a ton of power. He had one great soccer kick win last season, but this season, he has had to win by decision twice in order to solidify a victory. Yes, he dominated the standup in both bouts, but didn't show any power with the punches. He needs to get stronger, but at 19, he's pretty damn quick boxer and definitely will improve.
7/18/07 4:27:16PM
NATE DIAZ he is a scrapper and has very good bjj
7/18/07 5:00:57PM
Nate can dominate in the ground,but Chris is better in the stand up game.So,I think it would be Horodecki by UD or even a (T)KO
7/19/07 10:00:41AM
Nate, I feel he has better standup as well. Chris is really overrated. Bart beat him pretty badly (can't believe he didnt get that dec) also Nate's standup is pretty impressive. His BJJ is insane though for so young.
7/19/07 10:03:23AM

Posted by hado3

nate would lose no doubt he almost went to a desicion with emerson

horedecki is years ahead of emerson plus nate cant take anyone down for his life

That is pretty ignorant...Chris is not years ahead of Emerson. Emerson gets a bad rep from the show but he is a great fighter. He has fought Mishima, Javier Vasquez, Melvin Guillard and Jens Pulver. Also I have seen all of his fights..and I can honestly say he has got ****** outa the Mishima...Guillard decisions horribely. Also I think he won the fight against Hill. I guess Jen's back in his prime couldn't finish Robert so that made him a bad fighter? (Jen's was in his prime back when they fought..and it was Roberts first Pro MMA fight)
7/19/07 12:20:10PM
Diaz. But I seriously can't wait for Chris to get a couple more years of experience under his belt. When he's around 24-25 he's going to be a force in the division.
7/19/07 1:50:45PM
Diaz much better on the ground, chris much better on the feet. i would see diaz's subs catching chris.
7/24/07 11:13:53PM
have u guys watch that chris dude fight he's non stop action they need ta get him in the ufc he'd b champ i think
1/27/08 11:26:26AM
he may be non stop but he doesnt have stoping power. hes very technical and i say he would pull a ud. becouse he has shown good take down defence and diaz has shown he lacks takedowns so thats the key. and about emerson i agree ive seen im fight i think he just choked on tv cuse the show
1/27/08 1:55:25PM
I think Chris would press the action and also try to keep a distance, he would land some nice kicks and punches. Nate has a good chin though and I think he would eat a few punches to get inside and work a takedown, where he would pass guard or take side control and get a submission win in the 2nd
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