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6/30/08 1:25:04PM
Does anybody know when or who he is fighting next? Im sure the UFC will give him some more solid competition after beating pelligrino. Cant wait to see his next fight.
6/30/08 1:36:43PM
Josh Neer
6/30/08 1:40:58PM
Nice. Do you know when its gunna be?
6/30/08 1:42:02PM
hes gonna kill neer in my opinion
6/30/08 1:45:18PM
like in sept. on a fight night
6/30/08 1:50:24PM
Nice. Thanks for the info man.
6/30/08 2:04:31PM
UFN 15 on September 17 on Spike. It'll be the TUF 8 lead-in.
6/30/08 4:14:26PM
I cant wait for that fight ive been really impressed with Diaz and I do think he will win, but people dont give Neer enough credit, he is a tough as nails fighter and this should be a great fight.
7/1/08 10:59:25AM
This is going to be a great fight. I do have to go against the mojority here and take Neer in this fight. Josh is a warrior looking for some revenge. i know Nate is no joke but i'm taking Neer by UD.
7/1/08 11:48:59AM
I wasn't impressed with Nate last performance. He almost got pounded out. He'll have to up his defense against a fighter like Neer. I'll have to give this matchup some thought.
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