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4/16/10 4:54:48PM
Andrew Uhrich has missed weight. He has 2 hours (until roughly 7:15 PM ET) to lose 1/2 pound.
Jake Shields (184.75) vs. Dan Henderson (185)
Gegard Mousasi (204.5) vs. Muhammad Lawal (204.25)
Gilbert Melendez (154.5) vs. Shinya Aoki (154.5)
Jason Miller (185) vs. Tim Stout (186)
Chris Hawk (205.75) vs. Ovince St. Preux (205.5)
Andrew Uhrich (171.5) vs. Dustin West (169.5)
Josh Schockman (205.25) vs. Cale Yarbrough (203.75)
Zach Underwood (179.5) vs. Hunter Worsham (180.5)
Dustin Ortiz (125) vs. Justin Pennington (124.25)
Thomas Campbell (145.75) vs. Cody Floyd (145.25)
4/16/10 5:19:41PM
Looks like one miss so far, Andrew Uhrich is 1/2 pound over. He has 2 hours to lose the 1/2 pound.
4/17/10 2:19:23AM
I was looking at Dan Hendersons twitter and he posted some picks. The same night after weight-ins he is weighting 200 pounds even and probably even more once the fight comes around. So he is probably felling pretty good right now. Hopefully good enough to KO shields. I think they should have put millers fight on the main card. If the title fights go fast then what will strikeforce do. In the past they haven't shown many prelims and instead they stand around talking the whole time. Also when gina and cyborg fought that was one of the fastest cards i have ever seen and they went off air and hour early. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.
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