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POLL: No namers NOW but NAMES in the future?
Stoshi Ishii 21% (4)
Teddy Riner 5% (1)
Daniel Cormier 5% (1)
Ben Askren 68% (13)
Chad Corvin 0% (0)
Raul Castillo 0% (0)
2/11/10 5:06:14PM
Im goin with Ben Askren 3-0 in MMA all 1st round wins, 25 years old. A purple belt in BJJ and was on the 2008 Mens olympic wrestling squad, just signed with Bellator and trains over at AKA now.

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2/11/10 5:48:43PM
I'll vote for Ben Askren as he's the only one I've heard of! But great idea for a thread. I'm interested in that former strongman competition guy - Mariusz Pudzianowski.
2/11/10 5:52:26PM
I think Askren is interesting because we don't often see a world-class wrestler focus on the sub game when they start training for mma. Usually a wrestler becomes a gnper and slowly develop their boxing skills to the point where they use their wrestling to avoid takedowns.

I think a fighter with world class wrestling and a good sub game could be very hard for many opponents to handle.
2/11/10 6:04:46PM
Jorge Lopez from wand fight team. Former utahn!!
2/11/10 6:24:55PM
Ben Askren hands down. this guy is an athletic talent, and like ncordless mentioned he has been polishing his submission game which will only be beneficial for him. wrestling, in this day and age, is the best solo style that translates to MMA. by that i mean that if i were take take someone who is the best at one style, that style would be wrestling.

Judo has proven to not translate well to MMA, so that takes off Ishi and Riner

Cormier is a great wrestler, but Askren is a notch above him imo

Corvin is a great prospect, and he already has some pretty good wins in his young MMA career, but idk how he will fair in the bigger shows. definitely a guy to keep your eye on, but Askren gets the nod over him imo. Castillo is pretty much in the same boat as Corvin.
2/11/10 8:49:11PM
What about Jared Hess? Is 10-1 and fights for Bellator, ONLY loss was due to a cut in the 4th round I believe. He also lost to Hector Lombard who is 24-2 and has a loss to Gegard and he lost to gono when he was 28 and 6-1 at the time. Guys on a 17 fight win-streak.

I like hess though, ONLY 26 years of age (10-1) Only loss was do to a cut in the 4th round of a final fight in a tournament. Look out for this guy.

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2/18/10 1:20:32PM
My vote goes to Askren due to his great wrestling skills.
2/18/10 3:57:04PM
A fighter not on the list who I think will make an impact in the US soon is English fighter Tom 'Kong' Watson. Im sure he has already trained with the Greg Jackson camp and is defo a UK standout we havent seen in the UFC yet.
2/27/10 2:49:43PM
Stipe Miocic

Dude is gonna be soo good. Look him up. Croation badass, fighting outta Strongstyle in Ohio
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