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12/6/12 2:41:29PM
Nam Phan is certainly a favorite among MMA enthusiasts. A long time veteran of the sport, he puts on an exciting show every time he competes. He has won “Fight of the Night” Honors in two of his five previous UFC fights. And he has certainly endeared himself to the Zuffa brass, taking his fight this weekend against Dennis Siver on short notice.

Just days before making weight for his UFC on Fox 5 bout this Saturday, December 8th, Nam was generous enough to give us at MMA Playground some of his time and talk to us about short notice fights, and the preparation that comes with them.
P$: With only a couple of weeks to prepare on short notice, time is of the essence. As such do you focus more on your opponent, watching tape of his previous fights, or more on yourself and your own technique and conditioning?

Nam Phan: You HAVE to do both. You can't go in there blind, not knowing who you are fighting. I studied what I could in the short time I had and I tried to get my conditioning up as much as I could in such a short time.

P$: Siver has moved down from Welterweight, to Lightweight, and now he is meeting you at Featherweight. As other fighters filter down to 145, have you noticed the division getting physically larger?

Nam Phan: Yeah definitely. There are a bunch of tough guys coming into the division, Frankie Edgar, Clay Guida, Dennis Siver. Everybody is moving to Featherweight man, making my job tougher!

P$: Has that affected you in the gym as far as the things you work on?

Nam Phan: Oh yeah, definitely. I'm always trying to keep up to date with the trends within MMA. When I can I always try to train at Alpha Male. Those guys are amazing and always show me great stuff, so I'm trying to learn what I can with the time I have left in the sport.

P$: Do you spend most of your time training at Team Alpha Male?

Nam Phan: No, I only go there when I'm training for a fight. Most of the time I'm back home in Orange County, where I train at my own gym (Nam Phan MMA Academy). I also spend some time at Anaheim Boxing.

P$: If you could book your own schedule, how many fights a year do you feel is the perfect amount for you?

Nam Phan: I think about 4 fights a year is good. It's not too much. It's just about right.

P$: You're coming off a big win against Cole Miller. Are you feeling good taking that momentum in to this fight?

Nam Phan: Yeah it definitely feels good. A win is always important, especially coming against someone as tough as Cole Miller. So hopefully that gives me the confidence to come in and beat someone up like Dennis Siver.

P$: You've been in the sport for a decade. What aspect(s) of the sport do you feel have changed the most?

Nam Phan: Definitely the transition from jiu-jitsu to wrestling. In the very beginning jiu-jitsu was dominant, but now wrestling has really taken over. With everyone having good boxing and takedown defense, submissions have become more rare these days.


It was great chatting with Nam, big thanks to him from MMA Playground!

You can follow Nam Phan on Twitter @NamPhanMMA and visit his website at

Nam would also like to shout out his sponsors Hayabusa and The Ally Restaurant in Westminster, CA.
12/6/12 3:04:39PM
Gotta love this guy. Hoping he pulls it out this Saturday!
12/6/12 3:14:28PM
That was awesome P$, that was a great interview.
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Posted by airkerma

That was awesome P$, that was a great interview.

Thanks brother! I would have liked to lengthened it a bit, but being that it's just a couple days from his fight/weight cut, I didn't want to take up too much of his time. Hopefully we can have him back after his fight and get a little more in depth.

Huge thanks again to Svartorm and the PG for setting it up, and even more huge thanks to Nam for taking the time out to chat with lil' old me
12/6/12 3:59:27PM
Nam is always makes for a great interview.

Nice job P$

Funny how he answered just about every question with, Definitely in there.
12/6/12 4:10:20PM
War Nam Phan


War P$
12/6/12 5:14:48PM
I love Nam Phan AND P$!

picking Siver. rooting for Phan.
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