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2/10/08 12:24:05AM
is anyone entering the naga tournment in west palm beach on march 15th , has anyone ever entered a past NAGA tournment?
2/11/08 9:25:03AM
I've done one in the past (on the east coast). Along with Grappler's Quest, I think these are the biggest and most competitive of the regularly scheduled tournaments.
2/11/08 10:37:21AM
I was planning on doing the one in MA on the 23rd but my knee is preventing me from competeing, hopefully ill be able to do the one in NJ later this year.
2/11/08 10:58:36AM
Ive done a couple in dirty Jerz before. Last one I went to was when GG highkicked CC, and Gonzaga's squad was going nuts before it was on TV so i found out he won. Live spoiler...

I donno if u want this but ill I really didnt like Naga that much. The event was cool but just not the setup.

I noticed a sh#t load of wrestlers there with their wresting teams and head gear and whatnot. The setup favors wrestlers that just shoot for the take down and neutralize the opponent's position and just LNP to get points. I saw a lot of that when I was there, at least in the no gi portion. wrestler comes in, gets the takedown and just chills...

Id like to see longer time limits, give some time for moves to be set up. IMO

I did place so i cant complain too much