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4/27/08 11:25:13AM

HDNet cable channel, should cease operations immediately because it was born out of a breach of trust, misappropriation of trade secrets, and other harmful actions on the part of HDNet, the North American Boxing Council (NABC) said in a lawsuit filed March 17th in the Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The eight count suit seeks to restore the rights ofthe NABC to its proprietary business and marketin gmodel for a unifying mixed martial arts organization, and to recover damages for the ongoing illegal torts committed by HDNet.

The complaint states the NABC’s confidential proposal for a unifying mixed martial arts organization was made to HDNet in January 2007. In response to the proposal, HDNet taped two NABC mixed martial arts TV events in Indianapolis in May 2007. HDNet began broadcasting the NABC mixed martial arts events in June 2007 and subsequently placed the events inregular rotation on the HDNet schedule. In August 2007, HDNet advised the NABC it had rejected the NABC’s proposal. However, that same month, HDNet secretly incorporated its own mixed martial arts organization, “HDNet Fights Inc”. HDNet proceeded to introduce “HDNet Fights” to the public beginning with press statements in September 2007 as a unique unifying mixed martial arts organization falsely representing it as the original product of HDNet.

The suit seeks to recover damages as determined by ajury trial.

4/27/08 2:31:23PM

Wow....and I thought they were done before ..... that's the final nail in the coffin right there!!
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