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9/28/11 9:33:11PM
Hello Playground! I was wondering if there are any other video games addicts on The Playground who would like to share their opinion on the upcoming first person shooter games, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I'm asking because the BF3 Beta releases tomorrow for all platforms and the MW3 vs. BF3 discussions are starting to heat up. So go ahead guys, shoot me your opinions.

I've always been a huge Call Of Duty fanboy, but I have to admit BF3 is looking very impressive. I wouldn't mind purchasing both games, but considering other games such as UFC 3, Bioshock, and Batman: Arkum City are coming up I might just narrow it down to one of the shooters.

Here's some footage of both games..


9/28/11 9:55:04PM
I've always been a huge Battlefield fan and I'm still playing BFBC2 right now; it's the best shooter in years imo.
9/28/11 9:59:28PM
After watching both videos, I must say both games look awesome. I've never played any of the BF games but number 3 looks great. Very good graphics and interesting gameplay. Even the breathing is great. Realistic.
9/28/11 10:01:51PM
I've always been a big COD fan. Have played Black Ops online and becoming addictes, it would be hard for me to say it can be topped but BF3 is looking pretty solid. I'm playing BF2 now, having recently bought it again. I needed a shooter again, I was getting burnt on all these sports games.
I tend to try out all the shooters at least once. I used to play Medal of Honor back when it was still in the running for best shooter. The newest MOH was pretty terrible. Although there were elements of it I liked (helicopter attacks, sniper) the overall quality was crap. The online play was a joke. I'll give you a for instance. When you respawn, if your on the enemy team, all you have to do is find where your spawning at and post up and wait for you to respawn. Easy kills. I never understood how the develepment team missed that
I'll definetly be getting both these games but ill probably get COD first and after awhile ill give BF3 a whirl
9/28/11 10:49:55PM
They both win. Both very different games, 1 is a large war game with a big incentive to work as a team. The other is a lone wolf style, Even in team games, But the gun action flows better. No need to compare, I know people always will though.

Do what I did and get both (Pre-ordered!)

9/29/11 5:17:27AM
Im a CoD fan, but Im going to get BF3 first and rent CoD to try it.
the last few have pissed me off, quickly thrown together, and havent addressed any of the horrible multiplayer issues. ie Horrible spawns in multiplayer the last 3 games, ridiculous hit boxes and damage physics, etc.
9/29/11 8:22:45AM
I would have to go with Battlefield 3. I honestly and sick of the CoD franchise. It seems to me all they really are doing is putting out the same game with new maps and a tad better graphics. They are really riding on being called Call of Duty to get sales.

9/29/11 1:17:49PM
Thanks for your opinions, guys! I'll probably just rent both before purchasing, just to be safe. Still waiting to play the Battlefield 3 Beta. Didn't have a chance to download it earlier and the Playstation Network seems to be down at the moment.