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2/6/08 5:05:54PM
i need good beats for a demo, any good songs with good beats no words would help me out i need it today thank you
2/6/08 5:20:06PM
what type of music?

2/6/08 5:22:34PM
fast and good beat
2/6/08 5:25:16PM

rock... ?

Jazz.... ?

lol i dont know what genre youre looking for
2/6/08 5:31:07PM
2/6/08 5:39:14PM
2/7/08 11:32:12AM
Again, I'm not sure what you are looking for, but here are a few suggestions. All these songs keep a constant fast pace.

This is a track that has words, but there are non vocal versions of it (Traci Lords - Control Juno Reactor Instrumental)

Traci Lords - Control

Very few words in this song, but it is a good demo beat
New Order - Confusion

The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive

Don Davis - Chateau (I think it was Don Davis, but it's from the Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack)

Electric Universe - Solar Energy

Another one you can try is
Man with no Name - Floor Essence

2/10/08 7:20:21AM
Hope you like break beats. Here's sone of my favourites:

The Plan - Sofa Surfers

Sur Violents Breakbeaats - Ideal J

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