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4/25/08 6:29:21PM
FEG has announced that national university freestly wrestling champion Ian Murphy has been added to the DREAM 2 card as part of the Middleweight GP. He'll face Ronaldo Jacare, who was to have fought Frank Trigg but apparently visa issues and reconsidering participating after reaching a verbal agreement will keep Trigg off.

4/25/08 6:53:49PM
That is disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing Trigg fight again.
4/25/08 6:58:59PM
Jacara by sub, unless murphy uses his wrestling to keep it standing and maybe KO's jacare, other than that doesnt look good for murphy.
4/25/08 7:02:24PM
wrestler with no MMA experience against one of the best JJ fighters in the world...i wonder who im going to pick
4/26/08 1:34:42AM
this is gonna show what happens to wrestlers who can't defend subs
4/26/08 1:37:21AM
Trigg never even agreed to fight on this card.

I read that he was approached but never even verbally agreed to this. (was on fiveouncesofpain i think)
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