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9/15/10 8:47:48AM
anyday now they will annouce that mark munoz will face aaron simpson in detroit

i think its a hell of a match

so fight card is now done with 11 bouts

main card

page vs machida
penn vs hughes
lauzon vs sotoropolous
davis vs boetsch
munoz vs simpson

spike prelims

brown vs mcdonald
probably griffin vs lentz

not bad!!!
9/15/10 9:41:06AM
Man they're just pitting all the old AZCS guys against the Nog camp lol. This is a great wrestling matchup so you know it's going to turn into a slugfest
9/15/10 4:07:24PM
I might have to go with the A-train because the guy can take a shot, but a solid match up for sure, very even.
9/17/10 1:20:54AM
this card is shaping up nice
9/17/10 1:27:38AM
i think Atrain takes this.. he has a better chin and his wrestling is better suited for MMA IMO
9/19/10 11:52:05AM has it up

this fight will be a prelim
i have no idea why
9/19/10 7:13:55PM
I thought Munoz looked pretty good against Okami. Simpson was really hurt by Lawler and I think Munoz has much more power. I think Munoz tkes this by TKO.
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