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8/27/12 8:31:34PM

O desejo de Hector Lombard pode estar próximo de se realizar.

Segundo fontes próximas a um dos lutadores revelou ao IMPERIO MMA, Mark Munoz (12-3, foto) e Hector Lombard (31-3-1) estão praticamente certos de que irão se enfrentar e o contato do UFC já foi feito com ambos os lutadores, faltando apenas a assinatura do contrato.

A luta aconteceria em 2013 e o UFC ainda está estudando um local onde a luta pode ser realizada.

Este confronto foi pedido por Hector Lombard antes da luta contra Tim Boetsch. Lombard disse que ganhando ou perdendo, ele desejava enfrentar Mark Munoz devido a comentários que Munoz fez a respeito do nível de Lombard.

Pois bem, Lombard perdeu e agora parece que Munoz será seu próximo oponente.

Para quem vai a torcida dos fãs do IMPERIO MMA?

Here's the translated news: Hector Lombard's wish must be close to come true People close to one of the fighters has revealed to IMPERIO MMA tha Mark Munoz (12-3) and Hector Lombard (31-3-1) have verbally agreed to face each other and UFC is on their way to announce the fight, all that is left is the contract's signature. The fight would happen in 2013 or in UFC 155. It all started when Lombard said that defeating Tim Boetsch or not, he wanted to face Munoz, well, now he is going to have his chance.

Not sure how credible this site is, but it makes sense to me. No hard feelings if you want to kill it.
8/27/12 8:43:42PM
I wouldn't be surprised if this fight gets made, it makes perfect sense. There's a little beef there, and both guys are fairly popular. Lombard better win (or at least come out guns-a-blazing) his next fight though, or I could see him going two and out.
8/27/12 9:10:34PM
Theres a chin that if Hector touches its lights out.
8/27/12 9:49:57PM
i think munoz loses this one. lombard will come out throwing bombs and i dont think munoz will be able to control him. i ain't on the lombard train, i just kind of suspect that mark is leaving his prime years behind. the guy is older than a lot of other fighters. i will root for mark either way
8/27/12 10:12:15PM
I've got Lombard by KO in something resembling a Toughman contest with high-level athletes.
8/27/12 10:15:09PM
This will either land of the fx card in Dec or 155

Depends. U still got Pettis vs cerrone
I think one will be main event of fx card and the other will land on 155

I am going will good faith even though it may not happen that the Ufc will give Vegas a super card that will resembl. Ufc 100 for the 151 fuck up
8/27/12 10:31:25PM
Phillapino getting wrecked machine.
8/27/12 10:34:13PM
The loser leaves town....
8/27/12 10:54:03PM
I would just want to see Lombard fight much better. This fight makes perfect sense.
8/28/12 4:19:07AM

Posted by postman

Theres a chin that if Hector touches its lights out.

8/30/12 3:38:34PM
hopefully Lombard is more aggressive in his next fight
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