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4/5/13 4:11:53PM
It’s an impressive skill, this texting business, and no one can do it quite like our Gen-Y demographic. So it’s no surprise that at the spry young age of 19, Dandre Moore hits all the requisite marks for hyper-dexterity.

The Mississippi resident has been “double texting” since he was 15. In Gen-X and above language, this means texting with both hands on two different phones at the same time.

While there’s nothing wrong per se with this communication method, there is a time and place for double texting. Driving a car with a three-year-old in the backseat and three additional passengers in the vehicle is not one of those times.

As NBC News notes, police in Mobile, Ala. pulled Moore over and spotted him double texting behind the wheel. In absence of any hands with which to steer the moving vehicle, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said Moore had commandeered the wheel with his knees.

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Mississippi gets notoriety for the dumbest shit
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Mississippi gets notoriety for the dumbest shit

No kidding.