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7/27/09 10:23:28AM
What really happened between Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently?
7/27/09 1:34:37PM
Sounds like typical Rampage, his attitude sucks
7/27/09 1:50:23PM
i watched the video and it looked like rampage is just being a big douche. king mo was just defending and ramp kept taking it to another lvl talkin about how he would smash em. he is just hurting his own career doing this on camera
7/27/09 1:50:57PM
I must say Mo's explanation sounds believable. I have been losing a lot of respect for Rampage lately. First molesting the reporter, then acting like you don't know someone ( I really hate when people do that, try to act too cool to remember you even when you have met them 4 or 5 times). I know he always tries to get all the attention, I saw him dancing with some 45-50 y/o lady at UFN 18. Normally his antics make me laugh, but I think he needs to just be funny, and not try to act like a bad ass. You fight for a living, you are a bad ass, and everyone knows that. I am still hoping he will KO Rashad, but if he keeps this crap up I will be cheering for someone else soon.
7/27/09 4:52:28PM
Probably the stupidest agruement that I have ever heard. Im suprised that they didnt start talking about whose dick was the biggest.
7/27/09 4:59:41PM
This guy needs to leave the rebel thug garbage out of the public eye. It's starting to do some serious damage to his rep. Violating two reporters, road rage in a monster truck, now this? Its like he's trying to kill his career, or atleast change the publics opinion of him (mine is certainly changeing). The fame has him thinkiing he's the Bee's Knees and nobody else matters.
7/27/09 6:58:57PM
This could be his ticket to the UFC.
7/28/09 1:28:43AM
That is true. Not many people have thought to pick a fight with UFC star to get themselves into the UFC. Hopefully he's just acting like an ass.
7/28/09 7:27:51AM
I read some rumors that King Mo is Rampage's buddy and this is just a stunt to get him some publicity?
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