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9/9/09 2:51:43PM
Add Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal to the list of names that have been confirmed for the upcoming video game titled “EA Sports MMA“. was recently able to confirm Lawal’s involvement in the game through sources close to the fighter.

9/9/09 4:30:47PM
According to the article Bas Rutten was confirmed too!


It would be sweet to put a prime El Guapo up against Fedor.
9/9/09 5:07:15PM
hell yeah! this game is getting a nice little roster

I hope Aoki makes it in...
9/9/09 7:11:31PM
anyone know how many fighters its supposed to have, I know its really in early developements just wondering if anyone heard
9/10/09 10:50:58AM
I have no idea.
I'm hoping with all the talent out their though we get at least 50.

Would be nice if they added the ladies in their too.
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