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8/20/07 6:08:25PM
He can serve you a caramel latte with whipped cream and kick your butt.
He's Elcio Machado, a Dunkin' Donuts manager and Muay Thai master who is one of the coaches of Gabriel Gonzaga, a rising Brazilian star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

8/20/07 8:42:42PM
i dont want to knock the guy but it is amazing that gonzagas muay thai coach ahs to have a day job at dunkin donuts. i guess its no surprise considering what the fighters make though and how many of them needto have day jobs
8/21/07 12:17:17PM
Thanks. This pretty much makes my mind up, Gonzaga's coach works at Dunkin Donuts? Randy FTW.
8/21/07 5:25:39PM
^^ LMAO!!! Now that's some funny shit
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