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2/6/08 8:31:15AM
A friend of mine is looking for muay thai training, and in our area there really are no schools. I know a guy who has his "muay thai certification"... but what exactly does that mean?

I'm not sure who actually gives this certification. Is it legit?? I just dont wanna recomend contacting this guy if its like getting a personal trainer certification at a Gold's gym (NO OFFENSE if there are Gold's trainers on here, they know what they are talking about, just not someone I personally would pay a high monthly additional charge to learn from)...just an analogy...

He (and I) dont have any MT experience so obviouslly he could still learn alot at first, but is it worth getting into a big commitment with, or should he just keep looking for other schools?? Advise?

2/7/08 9:17:24AM
i would just ask this MT guy who he is certified under, and research it. I've not heard of getting certified. and the MT instructors i know busted their asses and passed hard core testing to become instructors.

2/7/08 11:06:28AM
Thats kinda what I was thinking. I know in BJJ you can judge based on WHO gave an instructor his belt rank or WHO allowed him to open a school under his name.... I assumed Muay Thai is the same way, a "certification" seems somewhat strange to me.

I figured Id ask here before my friend or myself shook this guy down on his credentials. I didnt know if u get it by watching a 2 hr DVD and kicking a bananna bag once or twice, of if there was actually some sort of legit teaching "certification" you can get form like Bangkok or someting wild that i didnt know about.
2/7/08 1:54:51PM
Muay Thai certification is arbitrary. There is no standard, everyone is making their own rules, so personally if someone is selling themselves as "certified" then I'd say it was purely marketting, and it says nothing about their actual skill.

I had the oppertunity to go through the grading system used by some here in the UK, but I opted out, they don't grade in Thailand, they don't grade in Holland, so why should I have to? The grading system is good for kids and office workers who want to feel like they are achieving something, but they way Muay Thai is generally graded means that you don't have to be ring proficient. You could have amazing technique and knowledge, and get a really high grade, but if you arent tough enough to use it in the ring and win fights, then what does your grade stand for?

Certification in Muay is BS imo, if you want to see if someones credentials are worth anything, is to talk them and watch them, see if they know their Muay Thai, or if they are just waving some faux jo certificate about.
2/7/08 2:51:04PM
Thanks. Pretty much what I figured.
2/7/08 5:07:21PM
Mastodons the go to guy when it comes to muay thai around here... haha
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