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2/21/08 9:24:05AM
Anyone know of anywhere in the Western NY area that is a legitimate Muay Thai school? Buffalo, NY would be the best, but any neighboring towns within an hour drive from Buffalo would be good. I know there are probably some in Niagara Falls/St. Catherines area on the Canadian side, but the distance plus the time it takes at the border now is too much. Ive seacrched the internet, but came up with nothing worth while. Anyone know any places aroud Buffalo??
2/21/08 10:15:09AM
Not sure if Syracuse is too far for you but Matt Hammill used to train at Tai-kai in Liverpool, NY. I've trained there as well and there is a good program there. MMA classes, BJJ, and I believe Muay-Thai as well. If ur interested there's the name.
2/22/08 7:23:36PM
I haven't heard of any Muay Thai places here in Buffalo. I'm still looking for a place to learn how to box that my mom will let me go to lmao. Thats cool to see some WNYers on the site.
2/24/08 11:33:13AM
all i could find was this mma school in lockport.
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