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1/11/09 8:00:08PM
Ghost Rider
Rocky Balboa
Cats and Dogs (I'm a dog person)
1/12/09 4:18:42PM
1/12/09 4:25:14PM
Rambow 1,3 I dont really like 2
Son of Rambow - non action movie

And a side note because we are talking movies. WALL-E sucked my left nut and bit off my right nut.
1/12/09 4:40:05PM

Posted by seanfu

Posted by DCRage

Easily the "Movie" series-the films like Date Movie, Superhero Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, and technically Meet The Spartans. Everyone seems to absolutely hate those films to death except me. I just eat them up.

Dude, no, I just gotta ask whether you watched those movies high cuz I really honestly thought that after the 2ed scary movie came out all the ones after it couldn't possibly be liked by anyone A- not high or B- under the age of 10

I love stupid comedies and Napolian dynamite but..... no.

i share your opinion 100%
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