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8/2/11 7:30:52PM
I added a couple videos in the playground videos section. One is a UFC 133 "movie trailer" that is pretty funny and well done. Another is made in the same style, and it's UFC 132: The Crippler vs The Axe Murderer.

I think the 132 video is much better, but given the subjects, it is just easier to do something that well. I don't remember the PPV buy numbers for 132, or if they were announced. But I will say, I watched this trailer, and I got hyped for a fight I already saw. If they would've put that trailer on TV, I say it nets another 50,000-100,000 buys. Just my opinion!

Edit: I also just added the entire Countdown to UFC 133 video. Don't need to wait until Thursday for the replay!

8/2/11 8:59:22PM
Ron as Goldie, haha
8/2/11 11:54:48PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Ron as Goldie, haha

Haha, that was the best part.
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