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10/1/12 2:35:05PM
Anyone see this movie yet? I saw it over the weekend and thought it was amazing. Very good movie and great story. 1 word to describe it Craziness! Just wondering who else has seen this movie and your thoughts?
10/1/12 2:52:05PM
Haven't seen it, but it's on my list.
10/1/12 3:10:46PM
Haven't seen it but I plan on it....looks good
10/1/12 4:17:48PM
I definitely want to see it, probably just wait for it on Blu Ray, as I rarely go to the movies anymore.
10/1/12 6:04:53PM
watched it last night...fucking awesome movie ! i thought it was going to fizzle out towards the end but it just kept you glued to the screen the whole time.
10/1/12 8:21:32PM
I heard the critics say it was Bruce Willis best part in a long time...I wanna see it...Cool idea...
10/2/12 1:43:46AM
nice to see a movie with an original story, im tired of all these remakes
10/2/12 9:29:37AM
I saw it. If anyone saw rian Johnson first film brick. They knew this movie was gonna be different. I did enjoy it. Very interesting concept
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