SF Moves Cristiane Santos To 6/26 Event

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5/6/10 10:53:21AM
Strikeforce Women's Middleweight Champion Cristiane Santos has been pulled off the 6/16 SF event and moved to the 6/26 event in San Jose. Opponent TBA but they appear to be looking for an international foe and the fight will be for the title. Scott Coker says if they're able to do this, they'll have both the top male fighter (Fedor) and the top female fighter on the same card.

5/6/10 11:46:42PM
I'm not sold on a women's champion when you have to "find her competition." The excitement of that belt fizzled after Cyborg destroyed Carano. I think a division and its competitors need to be set before you introduce a belt. Carano vs. Cyborg would have still been just as exciting (before hand) without the introduction of a belt.

We're still working on the details, but it will be somebody tough," Coker said. "We're looking at a couple of girls from Europe. We're going to put somebody in there who will once again test her.

I'm also curious, who tested her the first time?
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