UFC 91 moved away from Portland

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POLL: Are you angry?
Yes, I wanted to go 19% (5)
No, I don't live near there 50% (13)
Don King must be behind this. 31% (8)
9/2/08 4:42:50PM
Anyone else pissed?
9/2/08 4:51:08PM

but I feel for the people who live there and was looking foward to this
9/2/08 4:52:46PM
Although I wasn't going, I'm pissed....

I'll be at UFC 88 and it was nice from the UFC to hold an event in the SE. Now all fellow fans in the NW had the same opportunity and everything went down, lame.

Hope Kpro and all Playgrounders who were going get a better card there early in 2009.
9/2/08 6:00:52PM
words can't explain how pissed I'am....... only actions
9/2/08 8:06:06PM
I was thinking Don King was in on it
9/2/08 8:09:59PM
Yeah, Iam a little bitter about it. I even had my wife on board to letting me go, because she would have got to go up, and see her sister, and friend, and I had the green light for tickets the the event.
9/2/08 8:10:20PM
i was so pissed y did this happen i live in vancouver canada that was the closest they have ever been to where i live
9/2/08 9:48:20PM
i feel for you guys
but i know you will have one early next year

but i am so glad when i weighed my options over a month agao portland in nov or chicago in oct that i picked the right choice going to chi town
i would be pissed if i had to get my airlane and hotel tickets refunded
9/2/08 10:09:50PM
fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i guess its gsp /penn 2 in montreal for me.
9/2/08 11:05:38PM
Yeah that's a bummer for you NW guys. Too bad, too.. because MMA is really taking off in the NW.
9/4/08 3:11:09PM
no, but it has to be dissappointing for those that do live around there.
9/4/08 3:47:45PM
where was it moved to?? vegas??
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