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6/26/07 2:42:41PM
if your mouthgaurd falls out and you are still fighting. how do you guys clench your teeth? or do you keep it loose?
6/26/07 3:23:34PM
Just bite down real keep it loose and you'll be doin one of two things......sleepin or spitin out pieces of your teeth.
6/26/07 3:47:55PM
wen im training and my mouthpieve comes out i dont bite down i just keep my mouth might be harder to breathe but its better to have all my teeth
6/26/07 5:30:35PM
screw your teeth, unless you want to break your f#ckin jaw keep your mouth shut. best thing though is to get that thing back in your mouth, i lost my front tooth cause of no mouth piece and it resulted in thousands of dollars in sticking that thing back in there, root canal, and cosmetic work.
6/26/07 8:43:34PM
what about locking your jaw?
6/27/07 4:37:01AM
My mouthpiece is really tight so, i never lost it during training...
6/27/07 1:21:48PM
For starters, get a fitted mouth gaurd, these are less likely to fall out, and by "fitted" I dont mean the boil n bite variety, I mean the ones where you take a mold of your teeth and gums (at home using a kit, or get a dentist to do it) and get a custom one made from the cast, these are an almost perfect fit.

Personally I like to use mouthguards that protect both the upper and lower jaw at once, you are then forced to keep your mouth closed to keep them in place, but they have a breathing vent in the middle, they are less comfortable at first (because they feel less natural) but they teach you to breath with your jaw clenched, and as a result you never get caught with your jaw flapping about like you see some fighters doing later on in fights.

If it comes out, clench your jaw to keep your teeth together (and to stop you from possibly biting off your tongue if you get hit) and try to clinch up enough to stop the action so the ref lets you put it back in.
6/27/07 6:29:30PM
Sound advice.
7/5/07 1:27:31AM
if i lose my mouthguard i dont clinch my teeth... i dont open my mouth either... just keep ur bottom jaw locked and dont clinch ur teeth, thats what i do, and helps 100!
7/5/07 1:31:48AM
thanks thats what i do to and i keep my tounge on the top of my motuh so it doest get cut off