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12/25/09 4:01:39PM
Scroll down, it's right above the "Wandy Claus".
"Gary Goodridge vs Gegard Mousasi at Dynamite. U heard it here first."
12/26/09 1:03:03AM
bad match-up. mousasi should be fighting serious fights. instead of giving another top contender a chance at the title and giving mousasi another chance to prove hes the best hes wasting his time and everybody else's hes taking a gimme fight. come on!
12/26/09 9:05:27AM
Mousasi is very talented and more well rounded than Big Daddy but it's still a bad match up for him based on size. Granted he defeated Mark Hunt, but Bid Daddy has serious power. Who knows. Goodridge may not have it anymore but I got a bad feeling that Mousasi could be upset.
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