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5/26/09 12:37:35PM
After beating Mark Hunt earlier today at DREAM 9, Gegard Mousasi revealed that he will make his US debut on August 1 at Affliction 3. He will face Vitor Belfort at a weight yet to be determined.

5/26/09 12:38:41PM
Now, that's an intriguing fight!
5/26/09 1:12:58PM
5/26/09 1:26:46PM
Well Im guessing the fight wont be at MW, for sure.
5/26/09 1:32:56PM
No way, Mousasi was saying something about being a natural Heavyweight, I think, so the likely question is between HW or LHW.
Also nice to see that, if all goes as planned, we'll finally get Fedor-Barnett for the WHAMO...I mean WAMMA Title. If it's still even around.
5/26/09 2:13:39PM
5/26/09 2:45:47PM
I'm literally giddy for this fight. First thing I said was "ahhhhh sheeeeeeiiitttt!!!!"
5/26/09 3:12:58PM
It's nice to see non UFC organizations putting up great cards with a lot of intriguing fights. This is definitely going to be one sweet Summer for MMA fans.

5/26/09 3:17:24PM
I wonder how long it will take before diehard fight fans declare the winner (Mousasi) the answer to Anderson Silva.

Definitely looking forward to this fight.
5/26/09 5:47:08PM

Posted by Jackelope

I'm literally giddy for this fight. First thing I said was "ahhhhh sheeeeeeiiitttt!!!!"

I agree wholeheartedly. Mousasi is one bad mother...
5/26/09 5:57:17PM
Great match up.

When Vitor actually decides to throw,he wins most of his fights,but I see him being very cautious against Moussasi.

I have to give it to Mousasi,but imo,Vitor has a chance against anyone he steps in the ring or cage with.
Even though Fedor/Barnett will be the big appeal of this card, this could very well be the fight of the night.
5/26/09 6:30:38PM
Mousasi vs. Belfort IS MORE AWSOME THEN >
5/26/09 7:21:49PM
bggest non ufc middleweight fight of the year
too bad i am saving my money for the ufc in oct in los angeles instead
5/26/09 7:36:54PM
sweet, i think gegard pulls off the sub, probably as good a middleweight fight you can make outside of the ufc (would love to see santiago fight one of these guys too)
5/26/09 7:37:46PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

bggest non ufc middleweight fight of the year

I'm about positive this will be a catchweight and not a MW fight.

Mousasi didn't just pack on 30 pounds to turn around and cut it all off.

I don't see him getting under 195, especially since he still wants to gain more weight to compete with the HW's.
5/26/09 7:45:17PM
It's going to be at LHW, i read that Mousasi can't make middleweight anymore, and he did weigh like 220 lbs this morning.

Mousasi should win, the kid is a stud
5/26/09 8:17:14PM
This is an awesome fight and I'm glad its going to happen...the bad part about it is it means Vitor will not be returning to the UFC anytime soon...I like that its gonna be at LHW too...Belfort wont lose any cred at MW and same for Mousasi in the higher classes...I'm impressed with the card Affliction is putting together...will it be their last...I hope so because the big names that they are tying up in waiting for the next card (Fedor, Barnett, Belfort, etc) could really be helping out Dream (not that they are hurting, they too are putting together top quality events thanks to the great fights their tourney's have been putting on) or Sengoku, or even UFC (where everyone would of course love to see Fedor, and I want Belfort against Silva
5/26/09 9:04:57PM
Mousasi all the way and I for one hope he gets his shot in the UFC and takes the title from Anderson Silva
or how bout Mousasi-vs-Machida or even Mousasi competing for the heavyweight title, this guy has alot of options I think
5/26/09 9:36:44PM
Belfort wins the first important fight of his career, Mousasi is overated, and Vitor isn't afraid of him, and he only loses to people he's scared of.
5/27/09 12:05:42PM
Sounds like we spoke too soon...the fight may now be un-set, as in off. Mousasi said yes and signed the contract but it appears Belfort said no. Belfort told TATAME that he will fight Mousasi but it apparently has to be at 185. According to Mousasi, the fight would be catch weight at 195. Mousasi is still on for 8/1 but now the talk is perhaps Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Renato Sobral, obviously at 205.
5/27/09 12:23:35PM
If this fight doesn't happen it will be dissapointing but I can certainly understand both fighters points of view...they both have different goals right now...they mentioned Mousasi possibly fighting for a title at Affliction 3 in the article...what title would it be for? Certainly not a Wamma belt for LHW, would their finally be an "Affliction" title?
5/27/09 12:26:29PM
No titles, remember there may not even be an Affliction 4. Or a WAMMA for that matter after this event.
5/27/09 12:36:09PM
Thats what I have been thinking for awhile now....Did I misread the article then...I could've sworn he mentioned something about possibly fighting for a title
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