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POLL: Mousasi fights Akiyama
Akiyama 65% (13)
Mousasi 35% (7)
6/28/08 7:31:19PM
Who wins. If it happens very technical fight. RyOn.
6/28/08 8:48:35PM
Akiyama would win with Judo control. Dong gave Gregard a lot of problems, and Akiyama is a more talented than Dong in terms of MMA and i just think that he would control where the fight would go at his own discretion. if he felt like he was losing on the feet, he would take it to the ground, and if he wanted to keep it standing he would do just that. Dong couldn't beat Gregard because Gregard was better on the feet and had good ground ability. he just couldn't win in any position. with Akiyama this is different and i think Akiyama would win a UD.
6/29/08 5:40:26PM
6/29/08 8:13:51PM
akiyama by desision
7/2/08 12:48:02AM
Groove Lump.
7/2/08 6:43:08PM
Put er der
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