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5/1/10 8:10:54PM
Well, whether we care or not it's still a big fight and even though it bumped UFC to next week, I guess the least we can do is talk about it. The fight is still a couple hours away, PPV starts at 9 PM ET but Yahoo Sports has live streaming of some of the undercard fights right now. will have live blogging of the main event.
5/1/10 8:33:40PM
I couldn't fork out the dough for it. Saw no point. I'm streaming it live, though.
5/1/10 9:04:20PM
Start of the night. Saldivia vs. Ouali in the WW division.
5/1/10 9:08:33PM
WOW, this first fight is intense.
5/1/10 9:13:12PM
Wow, after taking an early knockdown 10 seconds into the first by Saldivia, Quali responds with a knockdown of his own and then follows it up with a KO blow for a first round victory 1:47 seconds to start off the night.
5/1/10 9:15:10PM
Up next, Ponce De Leon vs. Lock for the WBC featherweight title bout.
5/1/10 9:32:47PM
So far, I have Round 1 for Lock, I'd say 2 for Lock and Round 3 for De Leon
5/1/10 9:59:50PM
Lock really seems to be taking this fight. De Leon needs a KO.
5/1/10 10:01:37PM
If anyone wants a stream PM me or email me at I'm streaming it from my PC to my TV so I don't see the PM's.
5/1/10 10:03:49PM
WOW, I don't agree with that call it all. Lock won that fight.
5/1/10 11:45:33PM
98-92 Mayweather thru 10
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