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POLL: Who wins the fight?
Mosley 14% (2)
Mayweather 57% (8)
Draw 0% (0)
No Contest 0% (0)
Dana-UFC Now Does Better On 5/8 29% (4)
DON KING!! No Part In This, But He's DON KING!! 0% (0)
1/30/10 8:32:39AM
Apparently Dana was right to move his MM-Eh to 5/8, Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather is going to happen. Mosley has signed on his end, word is Mayweather will sign as soon as the deal is ready. News conference to announce the fight scheduled for next week.
The fight will be on 5/1 in Vegas (MGM Grand), so by moving UFC in Canada back a week Dana avoids the conflict with the fight.
1/31/10 4:46:51PM
I think Mosely wins a very very close fight. Which means Floyd is going to win a very contraversal split or majority decision so nothing kills the Floyd-Pacman fight even though it's the promoters themselves killing it. I think Mosely will be more active and outwork him just enough to win the fight but Mayweather will get the decision. I think it will be a very exciting fight though since Mosely will constantly be making mayweather work for whatever he gets so I think it will atleast be exciting.

As for the UFC, I think if Machida-Shogun 2 & Rampage vs Rashad were on the same card since most likely the winners fight and it would hype up that fight, I think they could outsell this fight. Like it or not the big boxing fights still do better then a lot of UFC cards if not most of them. And my theory is Kimbo raises TV ratings, I doubt he'll sell a lot of PPV's especially after his quick stunt on tuf that wasn't a sucess and that terrible terrible fight with Houston were he had mount and couldn't even finish Houston. And unless the winner of this fight or even Mayweather if he loses fights pacman by the end of the year then this will be the biggest fight in boxing this year so I think it will take a huge UFC PPV to take this one on.
1/31/10 10:48:03PM
I love Mosley (mostly because he won me a fortune when he KO'd Margarito), but I can't see him winning this fight. Perhaps five years ago he could have done it, but he's lost too much speed and Mayweather is next to impossible to hit. I think it'll be closer than anything Mayweather has had recently, but I still think he takes a clear-cut decision, particularly in the later rounds.
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